Making Winning Easier

Why did it take me 30 plus years as a professional coach to ask for real help?

Not the kind that helps gather information or consider the options, but the kind that requires self-reflection and possibly a reinvention, big or small.

That’s what I needed. Not simply a new perspective from an outsider, but help finding my own lens and seeing my world in ways that made things “better” in so many ways.

Working with my own coaches has changed my life.
It’s made winning easier.

I know the great feelings of satisfaction and comfort that come from having someone in your corner, someone who can sense your greatness and help you prove it every day.

Everyone deserves a coach!

1:1 Coaching

Who are you and what are you doing here?

The best way to impact a career and your current and future players, assistants and bosses is to do a deep dive into the way you do things and your personal drivers.

Spend fewer hours putting out fires and grasping for one-off ways to help yourself and your team.

Be able to demonstrate consistent value to your current (and future) bosses through strong student-athlete survey results.

Lead with empathy and strength that comes from confidence in your system and values.


  • 1:1 focused guidance that will help you breathe easier as a leader and trust in your decision-making system. Be at your best, more often.
  • Active and up to the moment feedback on your specific challenges.
  • Committed support for your greatness that comes from extensive experience in athletics, coaching and recruiting.
  • Help designing a championship personal and team culture.
  • Customizable coaching tools for organizing and clarifying your team, staff and personal development.

1:1 Coaching is at its best in an ongoing program of weekly calls. Deep diving into your bottom-line purpose and values will make you more effective as a leader of yourself and your team.

This is the most impactful way to sharpen people. Hiring a coach was the most important thing I’ve done as a professional, and executives and high performers everywhere have bought into the “everyone needs, and deserves a coach” mentality.

Coaching Masterminds

Coaching roundtable discussions are of great value in learning about recruiting and team development as well as moving the needle on your department culture and encouraging lateral mentorship at your institution.

Seventy-five to ninety minute seminars focus on one or more areas of growth, in a workshop setting:

  • Recruiting
  • Work-life balance and living your best life as a coach
  • Team culture development
  • Growing and working with player-leaders in your program
  • Developing great assistant coaches
  • Communicating what you’re all about – telling your story
  • Personal development as a direct line to winning

In person or online via Zoom videoconferencing.

Department Confabs

In person or online via Zoom videoconferencing.

Administration, support staff and coaches all have to work together to have the greatest success as a department. Shared vision and values, common language and a commitment to teams and athletes, as well as the institution, are key components of a successful program.

Using open, honest and direct conversation to move the whole group closer to the goals of the administration and College or University, these workshops help move entire departments toward a culture of shared success.

Small groups of staff member broken down in one of these or other ways:

  • All Head Coaches
  • Veteran Coaches
  • New Head Coaches (in first three years)
  • Assistant Coaches
  • By season

…can have a big impact working together if they are lead down a path of open and honest sharing. Topics can include:

  • Working effectively with your HC – for assistants
  • Mentoring your assistants
  • Selecting and working with captains or leadership groups
  • Building effective recruiting plans
  • Efficiency systems to keep your job in alignment with your personal life

Team Conversations

I’m in coaching because I believe in teams. Shared experience is powerful. Competition heightens these experiences and makes being on a team a beautiful challenge.

A team with a lens and language in common, with clear shared commitments, is tough to beat.

Using a well-structured framework, teams can get on the same page quickly and give themselves a boost that will lead to better communication and a more enjoyable experience. With the right talent, a boost in winning is not far behind.

The ripple effect of player and parent satisfaction and alumni loyalty is felt both deep and wide within a generation of athletes.

Seventy-five to ninety minute workshops with players and coaches included brings programs a methodology and language that has an instant effect.

Full Day/Multi-Day Workshops

In person or online via Zoom videoconferencing.

Mix and match the workshops and 1:1 coaching for administrators and/or coaches and fill a whole day. I’ll come to you and we can get to work–working hard–to make your program and people work smarter, get more out of their jobs and win more games.

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