Ask Yourself This…


Athletics Administrators

Do you have new or young coaches who have not been trained as recruiters?

Do you have teams in your department who you think might be underperforming, and feel frustration in the fact that you don’t know for sure?

Do you have coaches that you wish you had spent more time with when they were new hires, and now it feels too late?

Was your coaching career short, or non-existent, and you fear lack of credibility with your coaches?

You know what you want but don’t have a consistent and effective on-boarding system?


Do you feel as if you work really hard and don’t get the traction or movement you think you deserve?

Do you have a “what do I do next?” feeling in the recruiting process?  Do you have too many prospects? Not enough? Not the right ones?

Is recruiting the right athletes painfully taxing and proving to not be really effective?

Do you plan team meetings to talk about expectations, standards, values, vision, mission, etc., and find yourself spinning wheels in a “we talked about this!” world?

Do kids quit the team or leave school?

Sometimes it feels like no one gets it?


Through implementation of well-documented and structured frameworks, strategies and tactics that we can use to “coach” ourselves, I help coaches and leaders put their own voice and values into systems that lead to greater efficiency and lessened anxiety in their programs.

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Kris Herman

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