Lessons from Selma

It’s not what you think.

Selma, Alabama has a ton of history. It did before 1965 and those who live there today continue to make their own history.

I spent 15 hours there this August and was impacted tremendously.

Walking the downtown streets on a rainy Saturday evening it felt sadness coming from the earth. Such important things had happened in this small city, and I could feel both the pride and the frustration from the very few locals I encountered.

The biggest lesson was not about Selma, Alabama, the South or any part of it’s history but about me.   My conceptions of what I was like, what that part of our country (as a New Englander it was hard to feel as if I was even in our country) was like, the experiences of others…wow, what a selfish experience I’ve had.

Time to get out more.

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