Lessons from Selma

It’s not what you think.

Selma, Alabama has a ton of history. It did before 1965 and those who live there today continue to make their own history.

I spent 15 hours there this August and was impacted tremendously.

Walking the downtown streets on a rainy Saturday evening it felt sadness coming from the earth. Such important things had happened in this small city, and I could feel both the pride and the frustration from the very few locals I encountered.

The biggest lesson was not about Selma, Alabama, the South or any part of it’s history but about me.   My conceptions of what I was like, what that part of our country (as a New Englander it was hard to feel as if I was even in our country) was like, the experiences of others…wow, what a selfish experience I’ve had.

Time to get out more.

Published by

Kris Herman

Head softball coach, assistant A.D. at Williams College. Passionate about coaching, both kids and coaches, and improving the systems that help make things great.

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