Sit With The Stink

Learning to embrace, or at least really feel it when you’re not feeling good about something is a true challenge. We’re wired to get away from pain or discomfort, physical or otherwise.

We avoid confrontation, hard situations and tough workouts because we don’t want to feel pain.

When we do fail, fall short or feel pain in a situation or relationship we typically try to cover it up, ignore or make excuses rather than actually feel how we feel.

Consider making an effort to combat these “feel good” attempts. It might be good for you.

Making it a habit to sit with that sinking or stinking feeling allows us to both recognize that it’s probably not that bad, and to help us to have perspective as we reflect on what got us to that point.

This takes practice. Go.

5 thoughts on “Sit With The Stink

  1. If we let ourselves “sit with those sinking, stinking feelings” we can embrace gratitude for the ability we have to encounter them and become aware of the positive parts existing in our lives ready to help us move through. Feel it, witness yourself feeling it, and keep on keeping on!

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  2. “Embrace the suck,” as we say. Fully feeling the “stink” makes one savor the good times with more depth and gratitude.


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