Value the in-between

Two great options: “you can’t go wrong!”, can be paralyzing.  Of course, it’s better to have too many than not enough, but choosing is never easy when we make being right or choosing best a necessary outcome.

Opt to look at is as an opportunity that might be great, likely will be great, make your choice, give it a well planned effort and see what happens.  We so often think we have control over the future–real control–that we neglect to ride the changes and turns that are “what happens”.  We view decisions as going from one clear point in time to another, when it’s the in-between times that really are where the action is.  Our outcomes are made on the path from one defined “place” to another.

Not knowing the future should allow us to stop agonizing (not stop planning, researching or defining great options, just the agonizing) over two great options.  Having to know what’s BEST is an exercise in wasted time and energy.

Celebrate your future, make an informed decision and be okay with not knowing.  For now.


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