If It Ain’t Broke…

…maybe it still sucks.  Coach, you should constantly be asking questions and setting up assessments.  “How will we know?” is a great question to ask whenever making plans or adjustments.  You need to know how you’ll know if it’s good!

Perhaps it’s purely outcome questions like “did we win?”.  However, maybe you win with a bad plan.  In that case those simple outcome questions don’t get the job done and won’t work so well the next time. If you ask questions like:

-was our communication up to our standards?
-did we work hard on the things we said were key?
-were we mentally tough?
-did we support each other like we said we wanted to?

you give yourself a chance to improve your processes.

When you have the questions determined in advance you can really know where you stand and how to improve, incrementally, on the things you say are most important.  You’ll have consistency of process and things you can measure.

You can manage what you can measure.  Tweaking the stuff that’s not broken to be even better is how teams and players really improve.  Usually, if it ain’t broke it’s probably does not suck, but it still deserves a look.  Have a system to make those looks means regular assessment, built-in productive communication and consistent opportunity to improve.


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